The Dube

Let's load a Dube man! With White Rhino Dube personal vaporizer, you don't need to roll a Dube. You just need to load your Dube personal vaporizer and your ready to vape.

The Dube

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Let's load a Dube man! With White Rhino Dube personal vaporizer, you don't need to roll a Dube. You just need to load your Dube personal vaporizer and your ready to vape. Dube is the size of your regular electronic cigarette and even more powerful. Small, Sexy and Discrete, Dube was designed to look and feel like a regular e cigarette so you can vape anywhere.

***Dube first generation vaporizer has a double lock sequence. click the button 5 times and wait two second then click another 5 times and then the battery will lock or unlock ***

How to Charge Dube

1. Make sure Dube battery is unlocked before charging (if locked the dube battery tip will not light up when charging)
2. Battery Tip will turn green and the USB indicator light will turn red when charging
3. When Battery is finished charging tip light will turn off and USB light will be green
(if battery is not charging in the wall outlet, try charging by a USB port such as a computer)

Dry Herb

When using Dube Vaporizer for dry herbs it is best if the herbs are grinded first. Once loaded with your herb of choice, hold the button down for about 5 seconds to prime the heating element and then begin to inhale. Make sure you are consistently stirring the cartridge to move around the fresh herbs. Do not pack the cartridge to full; it is best to leave it loose so the air can flow when inhaled.


To use Dube with wax you just simply dab the amount of wax right onto the heating coil. When using wax there is no need prime the heating element. Make sure you are consistently stirring the wax in the cartridge. When removing the mouthpiece from the cartridge, heat up the cartridge for about 5 seconds then remove the mouthpiece. If you don’t the mouthpiece can stick to cartridge and break when pulling out.

It is recommended to have two cartridges, one for wax and one for herbs.

If your cartridge is not heating up your battery is not bad, it may just be time to replace the cartridge.

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